REIT Research

  • Weekly Real Estate Insights
    • Sector-by-sector tidbits for the week compiled by each senior analyst
    • “Did you know?” trivia
  • Monthly Call-Out
    • REIT performance and valuation trends from the past month
    • Stocks to watch for the upcoming month
  • Semi-Annual Baird Real Estate Outlook
    • Baird’s real estate outlook and major themes for the next six months
    • Based on macroeconomic trends, valuations, capital market trends, and sector-specific fundamentals
    • Hospitality Monthly
    • Monthly Rent vs Own Barometer
    • Preferred Stock Screen
    • REIT Dividend Portfolio

Baird’s Research Coverage List

Portfolio Strategy

  • From Brian F. Rauscher, CFA, Chief Portfolio Strategist
  • Provides strategic overviews of the U.S. equity markets.